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My Bali Celebrant is a team of the best hand picked celebrants, priests, pastors, MCs and more to help
with your special occasion in Bali. Here you can find our prices for 2019 / 20202 and our frequently asked questions.

Please note, My Bali Celebrant is a separate company to Bali Brides, although we do work closely together very frequently. My Bali Celebrant is not a planning service, and My Bali Celebrant will work with other planners as well as Bali Brides.

Commitment Symbolic Ceremonies (Non Legal)

Perfect for vow renewals or wedding ceremonies where you would prefer to look after the “legalities” in your home country. For small and intimate gatherings or large weddings we have a variety of options for you. Don’t want your family or friends to know that this ceremony isn’t “legally binding”? No worries at all, let us know and we will ensure to write the script to include all the formalities required to make it seem “official”. All Ceremonies include 1 x skype meeting or call with the celebrant of your choice, 1 pre-wedding meeting within 10km of Seminyak area, Ceremony Liturgy and commitment certificate.


Commitment Ceremony led by local Celebrant – 3,000,000 IDR

Commitment Ceremony led by local Pastor (Protestant)– 3,500,000 IDR

Commitment Ceremony led by western Celebrant – 5,000,000 IDR

Commitment Ceremony in Chinese (Mandarin) or French – 6,000,000 IDR 

Legal Ceremony

For a marriage to be legally recognised in Indonesia there a certain requirements that must be met in order for the marriage to be legally binding. The below requirements are for a legal Protestant wedding, extra documents, requirements and baptism certificates maybe required for other religions.

1. You must have your ceremony conducted under one of the 5 recognised religions in Indonesia (Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist).

2. You must be over the age of 18 and not married in any other country. To prove this you will need to visit your national embassy to obtain a certificate of no impediment to marry. For Australian or British Citizens we require you in Bali a minimum of 3 business days before your marriage to obtain this. For all other citizenships please let us know as you may need to obtain this 30 days prior to arrival in Bali.

3. You need to submit copies of a legal booking form, copies of the bride and groom to be birth certificates and passports, copies of 2 x witness passports (over 18 and not related) a minimum of 1 month prior to the wedding date. If applicable copies of – divorce certificates, change of name or citizenship must be provided.

4. The above documents need to be translated to Indonesian.

5. Certificate of no impediment needs to be lodged together with 6 x passport sized photos of the bride and groom on a red background to the civil registry office 2 days before weddings to process certificate.

6. Civil officer must attend and witness your wedding ceremony to ensure it meets all the above requirements. On meeting all the above requirements you will be issued with 2 x wedding certificates – a symbolic certificate from the church and a legal wedding certificate from the government.

For a legal wedding our services include –

• Handling and processing of all above documents.

• Escort to National Embassy to obtain Certificate of No Impediment and passport sized photos.

• Translation of standard documents (surcharge for any extra documents).

• Pre-wedding meeting within 10km of Seminyak.

• Ceremony liturgy options.

• Commitment certificate from church.

• Legal certificate from Indonesian government.


Legal (Protestant) ceremony led by local pastor – 8,000,000 IDR

Legal (Protestant) ceremony led by Western pastor – 11,500,000 IDR

Other religions – POA

Other Charges

Wedding rehearsal (maximum 2 hours) within 15km of Seminyak – 1,000,000 IDR

Extra pre-wedding meetings within 10km of Seminyak – 500,000 IDR

Travel Charges may apply for non-central areas, POA.


1. How do I book my wedding date?

After you have decided the type of ceremony you would prefer we will contact our celebrants for availability and let you know your options, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

2. How do I pay?

We have options to pay via Paypal or bank transfer. Please note under Indonesian law we must quote you in the local currency. If you choose to pay in USD or AUD pricing will be converted based on the bank’s daily exchange rate.

3. Do my witnesses need to come to the embassy with me? 

No they do not, we only require them present on the wedding day.

4. I don’t have any witnesses and want a legal marriage.

We can provide 2 x witnesses for your wedding at a fee, POA depending on location.

3. Do the local celebrants speak English?

Yes they do and they are clear but as English is their 2nd language there maybe certain pronunciation that some guests may not understand clearly.

4. Do your Western celebrants have work permits?

Yes all our Western celebrants hold a valid Kitas and work permit which we do check.

5. I have a wedding planner can you work with them?

Yes absolutely, we work with many wedding planning companies across the island and highly encourage you to use one.

6. Do I need a planner if I just want a simple ceremony on the beach?

Please note we are NOT a wedding planning service and even for small ceremonies on the beach the correct permits need to be given to have a ceremony there. We will not send celebrants to locations if you do not have permission to hold a ceremony there.

7. I also want to book flowers and a location.

Again, we are not a wedding planning company, should you wish to have additional items we can recommend some great companies for all budgets.   

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