The Cost Of A Villa Wedding in Bali

Here at Bali Brides we often get enquiries for villa weddings in Bali, let’s face it there are some AMAZING private options and sky is the limit with decor!
Jennifer Hawkins got married at the gorgeous Ungasan Villas and with so many cliff top locations with panoramic views and privacy galore, who wouldn’t want that?

We love love love planning villa weddings but we do want to be realistic on the costs as they do add up. We recommend having a budget of at least 250 Million IDR for the wedding itself for up to around 60 guests plus another 150 Million IDR minimum for the Villa hire fees. Why?

Firstly, there is a minimum night stay for all villas, depending on the time of year this can range from 3-7 nights that you have to hire the villa for, prices per night can range from USD $600 – $6000 USD a night… So please keep this in mind when budgeting, not only do you have the “wedding costs” but you also have the cost of the Villa and accommodation? Will your guests chip in? Or will you pay for this all yourselves. This is something to consider. 

Event fees – All villas will charge a set event fee to be able to have any sort of function, wedding or event there. This varies but is normally roughly equivalent to one nights accommodation which helps covers wear and tear of the Villa. Then you have the banjar fee, similar to local council fees and for the extra traffic and noise in the community. This is between 3-6 Million IDR depending on the venue and your guest numbers. 

When getting married at a villa, you are pretty much starting with a blank canvas and we will need to hire almost everything you need. What will you need? Let’s start with the basics –

Wedding ceremony decorations – Flowers, wedding arch or pergola, signing table, bouquets, chairs. Let’s budget in roughly 15 Million IDR for this for basic décor. If you want something more extravagant you can look anywhere up to 300 Million IDR 0 on flowers and decor. But we can work with your budget on this. 

Cocktail hour decoration – What will your guests be doing while you have photos? You will need staff to serve drinks, maybe some sort of entertainment, bar setup, cocktail tables or area. Let’s budget in another 10 Million IDR on furniture for around 50 guests. Are you having canapés and drinks? This is starting at 150,000 ++ per head for canapés and depending on your bar arrangement starting rate of 400,000 ++ IDR per guest for free flow beer and soft drinks for the evening. Based on a rough number of 50 guests that’s about 42 Million IDR.

Tables, chairs, cutlery, plates – These will all need to be hired as villas do not have the facility to provide all of the items or the number required for the ceremony and the reception. Then you also need linen: tablecloths, sashes, napkins. You also need staff to clean up and set up. Most catering companies we use will provide all of the above when you order a set dinner or buffet dinner which starts at about 600,000 ++ per guest. Let’s say you have 50 guests, there’s another 36 Million IDR

Reception decorations – Think signage, flowers, and centerpieces. Again florals and decor pricing vary greatly based on YOUR personal preferences. But budget in between 15 – 150 Million IDR.

Must haves – Sound, Lighting, Generators, Vendor meals (for anyone who is at your villa more then 6 hours over dinner and can not leave), Dance Floor etc. Estimated starting price at 18 Million IDR 

Now all the above are just starters for setting up your wedding. Not including our planning fee, do you know that for a wedding at any villa we are required to be on site first before any vendors, decorators etc arrive? This is normally about 9am and we have to be the last to leave after pack down, sometimes not till after midnight. Giving ourselves an hour travel this can be a 16 hour day for our team which is why there is an extra fee of 5 Million IDR for any villa weddings for our services.

Now lets look at other rough costings that you will probably want / need:

Celebrant or legal wedding starting price of 3.5 Million IDR

Bouquets and button holes starting price of 600,000 IDR

Hair and makeup starting price of 1.5 Million IDR

Photography starting price of 6 Million IDR Million IDR

Videography starting price of 6  Million IDR

Entertainment starting cost of 5 Million Million IDR

These are only STARTING costs, again they range and we would recommend at least double those allowances for really GOOD suppliers. 

So lets say based on 50 guests with mid range suppliers we are looking at around 250 Million IDR on the wedding day alone PLUS the cost of the villa.

Now please please do not let this put you off having a villa wedding, we in no way want to do that. But we do want you to be realistic about costing and budget. If your budget is less then 250 Million IDR including the Villa then please chat to us and we will try our best to see what is possible. 

If the above is within your budget FANTASTIC! As I said we LOVE villa weddings and have many gorgeous locations to choose from and would love to help you plan your dream wedding!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or enquires –

Thanks for reading, from the Tristan and the team at Bali Brides wedding planning.


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Shalimar Estate wedding
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Villa Ceremony Arnalaya Beach House
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