Can I Bring my own Company or Individual to Perform Services For My Bali Wedding?

Something that we hear often when planning weddings in Bali is: “We are bringing our own photographer/hair and makeup artist/celebrant/band.”

Or: “I am a photographer/hair and makeup artist/celebrant/band etc in Australia and would love to work with you for future weddings.”

Now, we love when couples have preferred companies or suppliers in Australia that they already know and trust, and it’s great hearing from new industry talent wanting to help achieve amazing Bali weddings. However, one thing not a lot of people realize is you cannot just jump on a plane, come to Bali and work at a wedding.

Indonesia, like many other countries, requires any person wanting to work in the country to have the applicable working permit or visa. If you are wanting to use your own supplier for any services they will need to apply for a working visa. Now let me tell you it is not an easy or cheap process. To give you an idea: for myself to work in Bali, I had to get a local friend to start a company (which I paid for and arranged), set up all applicable licenses for the above company, and then “hire me” and sponsor me for a visa so I can work. This whole process took 6 months! And cost more than $1500 AUD for my working visa alone not to mention all the applicable company costs. Not cheap.

Sure, you can bring your own photographer to your wedding but there are very high chances that they can be denied entry to Bali when they show up with only a holiday visa, or if caught working they will be fined, deported and normally banned from Bali for a 6 month period. Not to mention the fines we can get if we are working with people without the applicable visas.

So in short, yes you are more than welcome to bring your own suppliers but please be aware of the above and also know that some venues will not allow them on site and we will not be able to liaise or help them with any aspects due to the implications that it can cause.

But rather than go through all the above and have extra costs or hassles involved or have a risk of one of the main suppliers for your wedding getting in trouble and not making it why not ask us about the many talented companies and vendors we have available in Bali?

Photography, videography, hair and makeup, entertainment, celebrants and more! This is why using Bali Brides to plan your wedding can save you a lot of hassle for your big day. We know the requirements, the laws and best of all we have many talented services and fantastic pricing at our fingertips to make your day perfect!

For more info or to enquire about booking us to plan your Bali wedding please contact me – Tristan@ and visit our facebook and website to keep up to date.
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