Our Bali Wedding Venue Packages Are Ready.

Every year our Team goes on a bit of a mission – To Research and Find the Top Wedding spots and put together some all inclusive packages at each one to make Your life easier!

So what are our packages and are they for you?

Most couples come to us initially with the same thought “I have no idea where to start” and that is ok! Do you know why?

Have you ever planned a wedding before? Probably not. Have you any idea on how much they cost realistically? Probably not. Do you know any venues in Bali? Again probably not. Do you know all the items you need for a wedding? Probably not.

But WE DO. Our team have been in the wedding industry for many years and to date Bali Brides has planned over 200 weddings! So we have been through the “where do we start” process 200 times! We are confident in saying we are the experts when it comes to planning a Wedding.

Step one — TALK TO US! We can help you get started and send you our packages to browse OR customize a quote for you.

Our Packages are a great way for couples to sit down and gage a few things –

  • What kind of venues they like
  • Rough costings on a full wedding
  • What is available in Bali
  • The different kinds of venues and the price points

Our Packages are all inclusive –

Meaning our team has sat down and worked out WHAT YOU NEED for your wedding day and put together packages to cover everything so nothing is forgotten and you are not getting hit with extra costs along the way.

Most couples will work out the basics –

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Photography
  • Cake
  • Flowers.
  • Entertainment

What else is there? That is all you need right? WRONG!
You will also need the following items if not more –

  • Arch / Pergola for Ceremony
  • Furniture (Where will people sit, where will they eat)
  • Lighting for dinner time
  • Sound System and Microphones
  • Celebrant / Pastor / Priest
  • Legalities
  • Dance Floor
  • Linen and Tableware
  • Stationary – Seating Charts, Welcome Sign, Name Place Settings
  • In some cases a Generator to run the electricity

Now in Bali I will give you a tip. 90% of the above companies DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. They may have a fantastic staff member on sales that can write in English pretty well. But on the day, the people arriving will normally only speak Indonesian.

This means that you need someone fluent to advise them on where your wedding is taking place, where to set up items, how you want it done. And this is where we come in! Our packages include all of the above as well as a Wedding Planner from Bali Brides who speaks Indonesian and English to run the day smoothly.

Another thing — Photos are misleading, the amount of times a client has said to me “wow it looks different to the photos” is crazy and not always in a good way. I know of one venue that photoshopped out all of the beach vendors and stalls in front of their ceremony area. Others that imply they are “Beach front” when there is a road between them and the beach. It is really important to ask more questions or get out there to take a look in person.

So this year our team spent hours researching, emailing and calling venues to arrange inspections to see if they are suitable for weddings. We know what to look for at each venue and always arm ourselves with a checklist and questions such as –

  • Is the venue easily accessible
  • How far is the closest hotel
  • How long does it take to get to (factoring in traffic)
  • What time is the curfew
  • What do the bathrooms look like
  • Do they offer catering, can we try it? Or can we bring our own
  • Are there any corkage fees to bring in things such as Cakes, Bands, Alcohol etc
  • Do they offer staff for the wedding day
  • Is there a back up option in case of rain?
  • Where can the vendors setup so they are out of the way?
  • Can we have fireworks there?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • How many guests can the venue fit?
  • Is there parking?
  • Can we get a special room rate for accommodation?

See its not as simple as “Photos look pretty lets do a wedding there”. Hours and weeks of research goes into selecting these venues that we would recommend.

From here we select our top 2-5 Venues in each category. The selections are all around the above questions and what the venue looks like in person.

Our Categories are split up into –

  • Beach Front and Ocean View
  • Chapels
  • Rice Paddy and Jungles
  • Private Venues
  • Villas

These venues all vary in Price and inclusions but it gives a good range from low to high, from casual to formal, from Beach to Exclusive. We try to cover something for everyone.

Once we narrow down the venues, we then negotiate rates with all included suppliers and we strike a deal for the best rates to include them inside our packages. For this reason we can not disclose the breakdown of costs and all packages are fixed pricing and inclusion’s for a minimum of 30 guests. You can add on things but nothing can be removed.

Our Packages are fixed pricing including but not limited too –

  • Venue Hire
  • Celebrant to conduct ceremony
  • Ceremony set up with arch, florals and alter table
  • Sound System for Ceremony and Reception
  • Cocktail tables
  • Dinner and Bar tab OR drinks package depending on the venue
  • Wedding Cake
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Photography
  • Wedding Cake
  • Dance floor and Reception tables and Chairs
  • Stationary
  • Entertainment
  • Lighting

So are these packages for you?

These packages are ideal if –

  1. You want a fixed cost with no hidden surprises or price changes
  2. You are time poor and want someone else to handle all of the items
  3. You are happy to just pick some colors and theme of your day and then select from our choices of decor
  4. You just want to get married somewhere beautiful without the stress

What next? Contact us!

Email – Tristan@balibrides.com.au

Or Book in an obligation free call here – https://calendly.com/balbrides/obligation-free-initial-call


Once you have your venue or top 3-4 we would recommend booking a virtual site visit to view these venues and select one.

Once decided we require a 25% booking deposit, a further 25% deposit roughly 9 months out from the wedding and the balance 60 days prior.

From there we will send you theme options and menus to choose from and start working on your mood board. We like to have check in calls throughout the process to keep you updated and make you feel at ease through the whole process.

On the day our team will arrive nice and early and greet all suppliers and oversea the setup while you relax and enjoy your day in beautiful Bali..


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