How to Choose You Bali Wedding Suppliers!

You have booked your dream wedding venue. Save the dates have been sent. Everything is happening! So what now? This is now the time to start researching and booking in your wedding suppliers in Bali. Photography, Hair and Makeup, Entertainment and More!

So how do you find and choose your Bali Wedding Suppliers?

Jump onto google and search “Bali Wedding Photographers” and you will be hit with pages and pages of options. You could spend hours browsing through them, looking at photos, Instagram, portfolios and more. The more you look the more overwhelming it becomes to choose. Sound familiar? And this is just 1 of the many suppliers you may need for your Wedding in Bali! 

For nearly all weddings you are going to need the following suppliers minimum –

  • Florist
  • Celebrant / Officiant / Priest 
  • Photographer
  • Wedding Cake
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make Up artist

On top of that you have all the “Extras” That are not essential to every wedding as some venues may provide these but not all do. This will also cover the other things you may “want” such as –

  • Videographer 
  • Band / Dj
  • Furniture Hire (Chairs for ceremony, Tables, Cocktail furniture)
  • Linen / Tableware Hire
  • Generator for Electricity
  • Sound Systems and Equipment
  • Dance floor hire
  • Photo-booths
  • Lighting for dinner
  • Wedding Favors
  • Stationary 
  • Fire Dancers or extra entertainment
  • MC For the evening
  • Light Up Letters and Neon Signs
  • Catering 
  • Bar Service and Drinks

Now Imagine you are doing a wedding with what I would call “Standard” From the above I would say most weddings will have at least 13 of the above suppliers and services they need.

At a guess you may spend an hour researching EACH category to narrow down your options.

Then you still need to contact them, this will always be via email or social media. But over 30% of the above suppliers will not speak English. Oh O! You now need to decipher pricing and details via google translate. Miscommunication and frustration happen because of the language barrier! You think to yourself THIS IS SO HARD, how do people decide? 

You have now spent 13 hours researching, another 3 hours sending emails back and forward and you feel like you have gotten no where! 

What could you have spent that time doing instead? 

This is where we come in!! This is our FULL TIME JOB. This is what we are experts in. Our team has been based in Bali for over 7 Years! Our team have visited countless venues, we have seen first hand how these suppliers work. We speak the language. We can take all of the stress off your hands! 

So the real question I want you to ask yourself is.

What is the top 3 most important aspects of your wedding day?

Is it the Photos? Making Sure the Cocktails are amazing? Having Incredible Decor? Making Sure Everyone is Entertained all night long? Not having to worry about a thing? Sticking to a budget? 

Here is a good activity to give you some clarity.

Get a Pen and Paper, Write a list of things that are super important to you BOTH. And then rate them 1- 5. 1 Being Most important, 5 being not as important. 

If I had to do my wedding it would look like this –

1 – Celebrating with Everyone I love the most

2 – Having Amazing Photos

3 – Having Plenty of Food and Good Drinks

4 – Look Amazing (Hello Hair and makeup artist)

5 – Pretty Lighting 

Now I want you to list WHY these things are important to you IE – 

1- Everyone is there to celebrate and I want to spend the time with them.

2 – Photos are for life, I can share these with family and friends abroad and the memories to show my children, their children. 

3- I used to work in hospitality and I love to eat and have delicious drinks and want to share with everyone.

4 – Because I want to feel amazing and my husband to think WOW when he looks at me.

5  – I think there is something magical about having pretty lighting and it makes me happy.

Now lastly – HOW are you going to achieve the above?

1 – By having someone else do the coordination / planning on the day so I can relax with everyone and not have to do anything. 

2 – By choosing a photographer whos work I love and telling them what I love and putting together a key list of photos I would like.

3 – By browsing catering, doing a food tasting and selecting great options.

4- By finding an amazing Hair and Makeup artist, maybe have a trial and find a look I love.

5 – Find the type of lighting I want and sharing that with a lighting company to setup. 

Keep in mind I am an event planner. I already have all the contacts, I work planning events 40 hours a week / 160 hours a month! If I had to find all the suppliers on my own I would be ok, for you? Not so much.
I have planned over 100 weddings in Bali and co planned with my team over 200 events in Bali. And my number 1 thing- I still would not want to co-ordinate my own day, I want to enjoy it not to be “working” or worrying about times or suppliers.

Once you have a clearer picture of what is important for the day it is SO much easier to focus on those things and how to make your wedding planning as enjoyable as possible. 

If you are confident planning your own wedding, doing all the research, communicating, coordination on the day and more then go for it! I highly recommend our sister site – to help you.

But if you want to focus on other important things, tell us your top 5 things! Our team are here to be your ear to listen, your vision guide, your research assistants and more!

When it comes to choosing your suppliers, we already have an amazing list of recommended suppliers, we can book this all in for you and more! 

You can read more about this in our new E-Book coming our later this month. But for now, why not reach out, say hello, tell us about yourself and what will make your wedding day amazing. We can guide you through the rest! Think of us as your wedding besties, lets make your dream wedding, your way. 

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