A question we often get asked is how cheaper is a Bali Wedding then a wedding in Australia?

Great question but it really depends on your budget and style.

For example – The wedding I had in Bali in 2011 cost us just under $10,000 AUD for 22 people including –

A Wedding planner, all legals done in bali, celebrant and government official, Gorgeous venue on the beach at the amazing Nusa Dua, (see profile photo on facebook – (, Flowers for myself and my two bridesmaids (white and peach roses), hair and makeup for the 3 of us, 2 decorated bridal cars for bridal party and groom party, welcome drinks at the ceremony, tissue wedding favours for all guests, stubby cooler favours for all guests, champagne toasts, bus and transport to our separate reception venue in legian beach, canapes and bar tab for cocktail hour, huge buffet seafood and bbq dinner, 3 tier wedding cake, acoustic quartet band for 4 hours, lighting and all decorations and 8 hours of photography and videography with 2 videographers and photographers with all photos on disk, a video and short film clip and a canvas print with 3 photo albums..

Now in saying that we looked at having a similar style wedding in Australia on the Gold Coast and came up with the following –

Council permit to have ceremony on the beach – $500

Decorations, chairs, flower decorations, candles, ribbons, pergola altar table and sound system hire – $2500

Hair and make up for 3 girls – $540

Bouquets and boutonnières of roses – $400

2 decorated cars for bridal and groom party – $700

Welcome drinks and staff to serve  -$500

Celebrant with legals – $450

Transport to reception venue for all guests- $400

Reception venue hire fee on the beach – $2500

Canapes and bar tab for 22 guests – $1750

Seafood and bbq buffet dinner for 22 guests – $2200

Now just the above is already close $13,000 and that is with NO wedding planner to assist, No photography, No Entertainment, No Cake, No favours etc.. Our wedding in Australia for the same thing would of easily been more then double if not more considering more guests would of come had it been in Australia.

Even with our flights and accommodation factored in we got the most amazing relaxed day and for less then half the cost of what we could of got it for in Australia.

Another thing we also hear often is people say “but my auntie, cousin, niece, friend etc etc wedding only cost ___ in Australia”.

That’s great and I am sure it was gorgeous… But where did they have it? Did they have photography for the whole day and video? Was it a great view? Did they have a band? Did they have to plan it all themselves and stress about every little detail? Were there drinks, nibbles and a full dinner? What was really included?

Yes you can have a cheap wedding in Australia, but does it compare to what you would get in Bali for the same price? Simply put.. No. But each to their own this is just a little guideline to give you an idea of the difference.

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