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Choosing your suppliers – Furniture and Tableware

Ok! This is one of our fave parts, selecting your furniture and tableware! This is where you will be doing major styling choices as your furniture sets the scene of your wedding and will be a focal point for guests. From the area they are waiting in prior to the ceremony to the chairs they will sit in for the wedding. Browse furniture from our top suppliers. Once you have this sorted please think about your extras for the tables, are you happy with the stock standard plates, napkins and cutlery catering will provide? (Normally white plates with silver cutlery and white napkins) Or do you want to have something a little nicer and to match your decor? Have a look and let us know your choices! 

Things to consider are –

  • Rough floor plan – Round or long tables? How do you want them placed? Ideas here – FLOOR PLAN EXAMPLES
  • Cocktail tables / Furniture for guest arrival and cocktail hour
  • Ceremony Seating (will your bridal party sit or stand, please advise so we can order enough) 
  • Dinner Seating – We will generally have staff on standby to move chairs from ceremony to dinner unless you want to changer this up
  • Tables for dinner – Catering will generally provide standard banquet tables with white tablecloths but we will advise you if not. Keep in mind if you choose to do long tables you will need more florals and this will increase costs. Round tables tend to sit 6-10 per table, long tables can do 3-4 per side (if happy to squish) and 1 on each end if you use them.
  • Cake table / Alter tables (again we can reuse the alter table for cake)
  • Bar / Dj booth – Again this maybe provided by your company but standard, if not please choose 

Browse Furniture here –

Browse Tableware – 

If you are wanting to add extras like light up letters and neons you can browse those below also –

Light Up Letters lookbook 2022

Have a look at our recommendations, browse the look books and  let us know, keep in mind if you choose to mix and match across different companies, multiple delivery fees will apply. Cant decide? Ask us for our input, we would love to help you decide but for now, we like to give you a variety of our top recommendations for you to choose from based on YOUR needs.

Once you have decided please let us know your selections so we can check availability and place on hold for you, from there most suppliers will ask for a 50% booking fee to confirm your date. Please note these prices are valid when we upload them but maybe subject to change as per our suppliers terms. We will confirm final pricing with you before you pay. 

*Please note for some suppliers minimum numbers / hours and / or travel fees may apply, we can confirm this when you let us know your preferences.

Any questions, please let us know…

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