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My faveeee part! Flower time! Decor! Prettiness and more!

When it comes to customising your wedding you have two options — 

Browse Pintrest / Instagram and real weddings and send us photos of what you LOVE so we can get you quotes on all things floral and decor Or if you are stuck and need ideas, browse our look books and select from these. 

BB Pinterest –

Please note when commenting or sending us photos tell us what it is you love from that photo IE – The flowers / the aisle / the arch / the table etc as we see so many things in one photo so we need to know what it is you love.

A note on flowers –

Flowers local to Bali are below, if you want imported flowers the price varies from season to season and is based on availability, we will need to check closer to your wedding date to see if they are available and final price. 

Florals like Peonies / Proteas etc will come with a hefty price tag (Think 150,000 – 300,000 per flower) with a minimum order. 

Local flowers available in Bali –

  • Frangipanis (white, yellow, pink)
  •  Heliconia (Birds of Paradise)
  • Roses – White, Peach, Red – Please note Bali roses are small, for larger style roses these need to be imported 
  • Hibiscus 
  • Marigold (Yellow or Orange)
  • Chrysanthemums (White, yellow, orange, red, purple)
  • Asters (White, Pink and Purple)
  • Calla Lily (White, red, yellow, orange, pink, maroon, lavender)
  • Dahlia (Yellow, orange, pink, white)
  • Gerbera (Pink, orange, white, yellow)
  • Sunflowers
  • Hydrangea (blue and pink)
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids (White, Yellow, Purple)
  • Zinnia (Purple, Bright pink, Red, Yellow, White)
  • Snapdragon
  • Semi Holland roses (White or blush)
  • Orchids Local – (White and Lilac)
Now that you have a little knowledge of our local floral goodness, lets browse shall we??

Ceremony decor – SWOOOON! Browse Arches, Pergolas, Floral Arrangements and more. Please note when selecting your design we will match aisle florals, alter tables etc to match your design unless you choose otherwise. 

Browse ceremony arches here – Bali Brides Ceremony Look book

Select a bouquet to match and don’t forget to order for your bridal party also! We can do a smaller version of bridal bouquet for bridesmaids and matching buttonholes for all men.

Browse Bouquets here – Bali Brides Bridal Bouquet Look book

Table centrepieces here – Bali Brides Centrepiece Look book

Round tables fit 6-10 people per person and normally only require 1 Centrepiece and candle set.

Browse Stationary and signage here –  signage look book

If you are opting for long tables please be aware these tables are suitable for 3-4 max per side and 1 person on each end. Tables are normally 2.2 Meters long and will require floral sets by meters or up to 3 sets. For this reason florals for long tables will work out more expensive. Please chat with your planner if you are looking at long tables.

Final note – Please note when it comes to flowers florists pricing varies WIDELY. This comes down to their knowledge, suppliers experience, equipment and items in stock. We work with local florists we know and trust but if you do have a specific florist you. want to work with please advise us so we can obtain more accurate pricing.

Flower prices cover not just flowers but als0-

Florists order from farms, time spent on the day, hire of equipment (arches / Candle holders / lanterns / vases etc), teams time, blockout of wedding date, setup and pack down of all decor ordered.  

All pricing is a guideline based on our current florists pricing.

Any questions please let us know 

<3 Team Bali Brides 

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